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Distinguishing real from fake companies

Distinguishing real from fake companies Albeit at first sight many companies seem legit business, they’re in fact not.  In order not to get scammed by purchasing what they do, or wasting time unsuccessfully trying to be hired by them, here’s a quick guide about it. Premise With “company”, within the modern entrepreneurial context, we mean […]

Quick explanation of NFT craze

Quick explanation of NFT craze   You surely heard (or, better: you surely have been bombarded) about the NFT and how everyone is flocking to it like hungry Piranhas. And, since nobody seems to have bothered to write a true explanation about what is it about, there it is now. What is the NFT An […]

Difference between arts and propaganda

Difference between arts and propaganda I somewhat often end up having to explain what’s the difference between arts and propaganda, and it’s not really a fast answer – so, behold…! An article about it!! Purpose Art The purpose of art is to be beautiful. To give joy and fulfilment to its audience – catharsis, as […]

Credentialism – or: how to destroy economies through useless titles

Credentialism is, probably, society’s biggest problem – yet, nobody talks about it.  Most probably, because a lot of people are taking advantage of them. What is it? As you’ve surely experienced plenty during your professional life, titles oftentimes mean nothing.  By “titles” I mean every label that can be used to confer prestige to something/somebody […]

How to actually fix “voice popping”​ in podcasts – since “anti pop screens”​ don’t actually work

Podcasts are now a big thing: another opportunity to broadcast someone’s ideas and messages to thousands of people across the world – and how many can resist the idea of selling their ideas to millions of people? Anyway, very few who venture in this interesting realm know how to operate technologic devices. And end up […]

How to pick the wrong music for soundtracks: choose by the lyrics.

A very common trend in many recent soundtracks: to choose its music tracks according to song lyrics – which, by axiom, requires the use of songs. That, unbeknownst to many, are not the only musical form (interesting, isn’t it? Because “song” is commonly used, since more or less a century ago, as standard definition for music […]

The need to destroy beauty

How many times have you heard these phrases below? The sequel sucks: don’t go beyond the first one! It was perfect already: why did they have to ruin it like this? Which, indeed, are curious ones – for the simple reason that talent doesn’t go away: it’s there for a lifetime. For a great artist, […]