9 reasons to not buy Beats by Dre headphones

Are you looking for music or style?

Beats by Dr. Dre have been trending quite a lot in the past few years.

In fact, they’ve been such a success that they are now named after their own brand name: “Beats”.

We’ve tested every single model of their production line.

Here’s 9 reasons to not buy them.

  • They are not headphones for listening to music. They’re a fashion product.

    If you’re reading this blog, it’s because you want to create music.

    You’re not here to “pose”: you’re here because you want to get shit done. Because you prefer to be rather than pretend to.

    Therefore, you need equipment that’s useful to create. Equipment that actually has a purpose, not just something that seems to have one.

    So: Beats are born as a fashion product.

    They’ve never been treated as an actual pair of headphones for listening to music. They’ve been created with the explicit intent of producing something that was trendy. And so it was (their design’s actually pretty cool).

    However, we’re looking for headphones that are good for our ears, not for our eyes. Too bad for Dr Dre.

  • Sound quality is quite poor.

    Even the top notch models offer a sound quality that’s nowhere close to current professional standards, like, for example, actually playing music right.

  • They’re expensive

    For just €60 you’ll be able to buy headphones of higher quality than first rate Beats, that would not only be able to properly play music, but they’re also a core tool in case you were looking to transform your passion into an actual job.

  • You would be buying nothing but marketing

    Given the low sound quality of an item that’s supposed to play music, guess where its price comes from?

    Marketing campaigns are very expensive, especially if they involve a world famous Pop star.

  • With the money you’d spend for a pair of Beats, you could buy actual professional headphones.

    The excessive price of Beats is higher than that of several models used by renowned professionals in the music world, who actually care about music, rather than being photographed with a trendy accessory.

    You’ll find suggestions for good headphones in our purchases related articles.

  • They are a huge tell about your true competences.

    Every sound professional is aware of the points we made in this post: are you sure you want to introduce yourself this way?

  • Testimonials are not quite the right people to recommend audio equipment.

    In this post you’ll find additional information about this topic (rule 8): 11 rules to buy the right audio gear.

  • You’ll spend your time posing, rather than being.

    Wasted time never returns.

    It’s sad to say, maybe a little scary, but it’s the truth .

    Are you sure that you want to spend lots of time with something fancy which, however, will not deliver the thrill you’re seeking?

    We believe that, after all, this is not the case.

    You could spend those hours listening to good music, as the artist meant it to be.

  • If it sounds like we’re slightly exaggerating, just check which kind of professionals they’re seeking.

    Ça va sans dire that a firm actually concerned about the quality of its products is constantly looking for new sound professionals: sound engineers, acoustic engineers, renowned composers to interview…

    Try to check the “jobs” section on Beats website, and see for yourself whom they are actually looking for.

    If you’re in a hurry, we spared you the hassle:

    Jobs at Beats.

    Jobs at Beats.

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