Writing a good job seeking eMail

Looking for a new job, aren’t you?

Nothing wrong with it: looking for a job is nothing more than a willingness to be part of human society. We can easily say it is one of the noblest activities we can engage with: every accomplishment humanity has achieved was because, well …someone wanted to do that job.

there must be some method to do it!

Here’s a quick checklist about how to write a simple job seeking eMail

…yes: I specified “simple” because there are also complex ones. Click here to know more about it.

1- Anagraphic

Name, Surname, current location. Very basic stuff: don’t pull out your biography. They need your skills, not your entire life.

2- Profession (skillset)

What you’re good at?

I strongly suggest to avoid attaching stuff to your message: way better to have a website. Available to anyone in possess of your link, and always at hand through a simple internet connection – not to talk about the interactivity (messages from the website, google analytics, etc. etc.)

3- Unique selling proposition

Why is your skillset interesting to your reader?
(This is a pretty interesting marketing concept: here’s a link to a deeper reading about it https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unique_selling_proposition )

4- Call to action

What would you like your reader to do, after this eMail?
Together with the logic reasons because of the need of this step, there’s also the need to distinguish yourself from the masses of undecided amateurs who don’t have a very clear idea about what actually do after having generated the interest of a potential new customer – after a successful lead generation, to be technical.
Don’t be too pushy, of course: your customer is not stupid …isn’t he? ;)

And after this?

Outcome A: you’re the one they were looking for – you’re on board!

Yay! Success! Time to call that Jaguar dealer.

Outcome B: “Thanks but no thanks”

They don’t think you are the one they’re looking for.
If you’re really sure you are, get further into details about why you are – otherwise: politely salute them.
Never get angry with them: you’re offering your help. If they don’t need it, you should be equally happy: it means that the goal you’re aiming for has been already accomplished.

Outcome C: nothing.

Wait at least 1 week, and ask if they found your eMail: God knows what could have happened to your eMail. Nothing wrong in asking if they actually got it.

Crazy marketing stuff

Marketing is like war: a strategic effort.
You have a current situation, a desired outcome – and countless ways to achieve it.
This post is just scratching the surface of the countless ways in which you can get a new job. Or, in other words: convince a stranger that what you do (or have) is valuable.

Never ever think that there’s only “one” way to do it: the only limit is your imagination and marketing talent.
And also, very important: never think that “the tools” will solve the problem for you.
A great marketing tool is like a concert piano or a Formula 1 car: playing a Steinway or driving a Ferrari won’t let you become Mozart nor pull out a record in Montecarlo. Tools are just that: tools. They need a skilled marketer to become efficient.

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