Audio outboard gear.

Guide: the best outboard gear for audio recording.

There’s none.

During an audio recording, sound must not be altered in any kind of way

If you alter the sound while recording, you won’t be able to revert that change.

If, on the other hand, the recording has no alterations, you’ll be able to easily modify it in post production and, for example, delete an edit you didn’t like. Or make it better.

Eventually, you’ll also be able to take on that recording months later and find it completely unaltered, ready to receive new edits thanks to your improved skills.

The only acceptable outboard is a limiter, which is useful in borderline situations to avoid damaging the recorder

The limiter can be set up in such a way that the input audio signal doesn’t exceed the clipping threshold of the recorder.

It is useful in the event that you’re working with inexperienced technicians or in remarkably unstable situations, where you may lose control of the input signal volume.

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