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Guide: why is no sound unique?

Because it’s a physical phenomenon that can be recorded and analysed.

And, therefore, reproduced.

Almost everything that can be observed and analyzed is reproducible.

Sound is not an abstract concept: it’s a physical phenomenon. We can hear it.

(Here you can find an article that explains what sound is.)

And we can see it too, thanks to spectrometry, sonometry and analyses of stereophonic images.

Sound is nothing but a sum of frequencies with their own phases: we can analyse which frequencies and phases make up a sound, and reproduce them whenever and however we may want to.

We can also create a virtual simulation of an instrument, and make it play.

Which is not so different from what it’s usually done with buildings and airplanes, that get virtually tested long before being built, in order to prevent unnecessary risks.

This kind of technology is called physical modeling.

The only thing that can’t be reproduced at all is creativity.

The ability of each one of us to tell a different story through art.

The ability to create original music.

The sounds that make up music, with some effort, can be reproduced.

No matter which instrument generated them.

But you can’t reproduce creativity.

You need an artist.

For everything else, a computer is enough.

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