Best headphones guide

This page contains advice about what we have found to be the best reference headphones in the market, and in what field are them suitable for.

We couldn’t try every single headphone in the market. But we could try a good number of the most recognized brands, and find more than one model that successfully helped us in delivering high quality art.

Watch out: headphones have a very peculiar frequency response, and should usually not be used for main reference further than mixing purpose.

Monitoring: checking the quality of an ongoing music recording and/or live performance.

Analytic listening: evaluating the quality of an audio track.

Mixing: mixing an audio project.

Mastering: mastring an audio project.

Sound engineering: creating and molding new sounds.

Analytic listeningMixingMasteringSound engineeringPrice range (+/-)
Build quality
Superlux HD 681 BYesNot exactlyYesNoNo20 €Ok
Audio Technica ATH-M30YesAlmostYesNoNo50 €
Military grade
Audio Technica ATH-M50YesYesYesNot exactlyNot exactly120 €Bad
Denon AHD2000YesYESYesYesYes300 €Fragile

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