Video production partnership

We’re an audio production company interested in partnerships with video producers (both companies and individuals).

See below for more details as per how we’re visioning this dynamic.

If you want to know more about who we are, click here.

If you don’t have clients

You can work with us as a video production partner.

We’re well aware of how many problems video producers have to find new business, and we’re offering to work with us as partners – with us taking care of the business development.

Even though we’re an audio production company, we have a very solid business development team – the one we use to get work for us. Since, unlike most companies in this business, we haven’t been founded through “borrowing clients” to some old agencies we used to work in: we’ve been bootstrapped. As in: we started from zero, and had to create our clients through our business development.

In this case, your contribution to the business development would be very peripheral (e.g. Providing insights about what can you do, so that we can tweak the marketing strategy for the right clientele).

If you have clients

If you already have business, we can collaborate by taking care of the audio side of your works:

you can literally send a mute video, and have back a complete work with music, sound design and voice over. All of them of top tier quality – if that’s your thing, that is…

In more detail, we create:

  • Bespoke music 
    • That includes audio direction – or, as they call it: “music supervision”. With the big difference of being actual musicians, instead of someone who googles your topic and chooses the song according to lyrics.
  • Sound design
    • Bespoke and video synced sound design – from birds to firearms.
  • Voice overs
    • From casting to direction and recording.
  • Audio branding
    • A mix of sound design, music production and marketing: transforming a brand identity into an acoustic work.

You can see more of it in our homepage:

Who are we

We’re an European, but internationally operative, audio production company: we create bespoke music, sounds, voice overs, and we offer audio direction services. You can read more about us in our main page:

This video is a good example of what we do:

…but I’d watch this one too, just in case


  • Many professionals and brands hire only full video productions – therefore, us that do only audio, are cut out of these opportunities.
  • Many video producers are hugely struggling with their business development: they don’t have a clear idea about how to get brand new clients – and, since we get to work only when they close deals, that’s damaging for us too.
  • Even though we’re an audio production, we have considerable business development skills – due to both being a company started from zero and grew all through business development, and having a dedicated business development team.


  • We’re looking for video producers and video productions with which to team up.
    They provide the capacity to create a video production, we provide audio production and marketing knowledge.

How does it works?

A very typical collaboration structure is to 

And then plan together a marketing campaign towards them.

“Planning together” means that you’ll provide as much as you can. So, if you know nothing about marketing, the marketing planning will be 100% on us.

And, when the deal gets closed, you do the video and we do the audio.

“Do I need to know about marketing?”

No: you just need to be a good video producer. One that, from zero, can set up the creation of an entire live action and/or CGI video production.

“Does it means I won’t be able to work with anybody else?”

No: you’ll be able to work with whoever you like.

It’s a partnership, not slavery.

What are our fields of interest?

Averagely speaking: good productions. It doesn’t really matter if it’s automotive or fashion: as long as it’s something we won’t be ashamed of, we’re fine with it.


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