Video production partnership

Who are we

We’re an European, but internationally operative, audio production company: we create bespoke music, sounds, voice overs, and we offer audio direction services. You can read more about us in our main page:

This video is a good example of what we do:

…but I’d watch this one too, just in case


  • Many professionals and brands hire only full video productions – therefore, us that do only audio, are cut out of these opportunities.
  • Many video producers are hugely struggling with their business development: they don’t have a clear idea about how to get brand new clients – and, since we get to work only when they close deals, that’s damaging for us too.
  • Even though we’re an audio production, we have considerable business development skills – due to both being a company started from zero and grew all through business development, and having a dedicated business development team.


  • We’re looking for video producers and video productions with which to team up.
    They provide the capacity to create a video production, we provide audio production and marketing knowledge.

How does it works?

A very typical collaboration structure is to 

And then plan together a marketing campaign towards them.

“Planning together” means that you’ll provide as much as you can. So, if you know nothing about marketing, the marketing planning will be 100% on us.

And, when the deal gets closed, you do the video and we do the audio.

“Do I need to know about marketing?”

No: you just need to be a good video producer. One that, from zero, can set up the creation of an entire live action and/or CGI video production.

“Does it means I won’t be able to work with anybody else?”

No: you’ll be able to work with whoever you like.

It’s a partnership, not slavery.

What are our fields of interest?

Averagely speaking: good productions. It doesn’t really matter if it’s automotive or fashion: as long as it’s something we won’t be ashamed of, we’re fine with it.


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