Producer’s best ally

LmK Music Production translates your briefing
into your project’s sound,
while you focus on everything else.

  • Autonomy and reliability

    You give us a briefing, we suggest you the best approach for sound – and then, also create it: we create bespoke music, sound effects and voice overs.

  • An integral solution for your sound

    We take care of your entire sound: no need to contact multiple agencies.

    We provide audio direction, and create bespoke music, sound effects and voice overs.

  • Uniqueness

    The music and sound effects we create are bespoke: everything we do for you is unique.

  • Operational speed

    Making a soundtrack with us is faster than browsing through sync libraries.

  • Flexibility

    Unlike sync libraries, or other less experienced bespoke composers, is it our production who takes shape around you – not otherwise.

    Everything is done around what you need.

  • Artistic quality

    If you’d like to impress your customer with a beautiful soundtrack, you found the right people: check it out for yourself

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