I think the best way to describe how we achieved all the outstanding skills we claim (and show) to have is this one:

if there’s a will, there’s a solution

Which is, more or less, what I really feel like being behind the actually out of the norm skills we’ve come to have:

we wanted to make beautiful music, and we took every necessary measure to do so.

And you might be asking yourself, right now:

have it been so easy, how come is it so rare to find talented artists like you?

The answer is very simple, and contained in the above assumption (“If there’s a will, there’s a solution”):

there is not many people really wanting to make beautiful music.

Very few (if almost nobody) people are thrilled about staying 8 hours a day closed in a studio. Most of them just want the glamour of “being a rockstar” or music production’s huge paychecks.

We, instead, are sincerely happy about staying 8 or more hours closed in a studio to make music. And we’re always in the lookout to find new or better ways to do it.

And when you really put yourself to work 8 hours a day for basically your entire life, without any fear of putting your discoveries into discussion each day, your skillset becomes almost superhuman

…and we’re absolutely glad to put such interesting skills at your disposal – for both evaluation or direct use

CEO & art director