We’re an audio production looking for collaborations with music supervisors

We’re an audio production who produces all its music in-house, with our musicians and sound engineers.
We’re based in Europe, but worldwide operational (we did remote work before it was cool…!)

What’s in for you

  • Always unique tracks

    Being bespoke, nobody will have tracks like the ones you offer

  • Perfect fit for your briefings

    No more problems with fitting the tracks to your briefings: they’re bespoke…!

  • An immediate solution for your briefings

    You won’t need to scout the internet looking for tracks: we’ll immediately create what you’re looking for.

What’s in for us

  • A client

    We make a living out of creating music, and you need music: a perfect fit.

  • A partner

    If you like the idea of working with other companies, we can plan business development together (we have a team for that).