THE BEST MUSIC, SOUNDS AND VOICE OVERS FOR YOUR VIDEO PRODUCTION. At a price that will leave you speechless.

stock tracks

  • Created by our own musicians
  • Only to be paid if you win
Stock tracks

Customized tracks

  • Highest artistic quality
  • Prices starting from €200 – to be fully paid after the winner’s announcement
Custom tracks

LmK Music Production is Zooppa’s new creative partner: an audio production specialized in the creation of music, sound design and multi-language voice overs.

We’re a collective of musicians, sound engineers and artists who met each other during our previous live audio production careers, which brought us on tour all around the world.

After these experiences, we decided to follow our passion for musical scores and we created LmK Music Production.

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Tell us about the project you’re working on, and we’ll create a solution finely tailored to your needs – from budgeting to which kind of track you want.

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