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Who we are

An audio production: musicians, sound engineers and their administrative/business counterpart.

LmK Music Production is a young brand (more or less one year), but we are all veterans: some of us saw their first stage light more than 20 years ago.
Personally speaking, one of my specializations is live and studio orchestral productions – just to give you an example of what kind of productions we were involved in.
Be careful: those were live audio productions. Skills are very similar to studio ones, but professional network is radically different. Which is why, right now, we’re building almost a totally new one – and that’s also where our marketing advisor is needed for.

We’re an Italy based agency, but we’re already worldwide operational both for third part works and teamwork.

What we do

We create soundtracks

Movies, video games, advertising.
Music, sound effects, voice over.

If it sounds, we can make it.
And, very probably, better than our competitors.

We offer B2C services to other musicians

If you’re not a musician: services that help other musicians (mostly amateurs) to create their music.

If you’re a musician: mixing and mastering, sound design, reamping, DAW sessions editing…

Here’s our full services list:
LmK Music Production services.
Be sure to come back when you’re done, of course.

This is our portfolio:
LmK Music Production portfolio.

Our pros

  • Very easy to sell

    So easy that we’re already selling it, even if without skilled marketers on board.
    We closed many deals just showing the portfolio.

  • Worldwide operational

    We are perfectly operational for long distances.
    We already have customers in Australia, Canada, Spain, Argentina, Mexico…

  • High level B2B productions capabilities

    We can work with very big B2B projects, like movie or video game soundtracks.
    If you know how to market B2B services, you can knock WB’s doors tomorrow.

  • B2C services

    We have plenty of B2C services for other musicians.
    If you’re a good B2C marketer, you can put online your campaigns and start profiting right now.

  • We’re creating a business to sustain a product - not otherwise

    We choose this path because we like to make music, sounds and art. Profits are just a way to keep doing it.

Our problems

  • No skilled marketer on board

    We’re musicians, not marketers.

  • Few english speaking account executives

    If we increase our sales (and we’ll do it), we’re going to need at least one more perfectly speaking account executive.

What we need

  • Marketing advisory to improve our lead generation

    We have the product, but our marketing is hindering our lead generation.

    We’re not looking for a full time nor first person commitment: it is just an advisory role. We have enough personnel to take care of the operative phase.

  • Another perfectly english speaking account executive

Your reward IF you can help us

  • Improvements in our lead generation strategies

    Since we’re looking for someone with way better marketing skills than ours, we won’t interfere with your workflow: we’ll just describe what we need, and let you find the better solution for us.
    Budget, time, strategy outline… it’s all up to you. Otherwise, you would be tethered to our lack of skills.

    Also: freedom!
    This is a completely remote job, and an advising one: we just need clues. You do the strategy, we do the dirty work.

  • Another perfectly english speaking account executive

    Our standard is:
    account management 10% of the overall budget.
    sales pitches due to the extremely variable nature of this task (travel, customer kind, service kind…), there’s no fixed price: you’re free to make your proposal, and we’ll examine the situation time by time.

Job requirements


  • Passion for music and art
  • Evolved teamwork capabilities
    We’ll work remotely and with heavy use of project management softwares (most used ones: Trello, Podio, Slack, Google Drive and Docs).
  • Goal oriented mindset
    every marketing idea should contain 4 points
    >Outcome (revenues)
    >Strategy outline (service, customer target, means)
    >Time needed (start/end)
    >Money needed (this one is pretty self explanatory)
    Abstract offers like “100€ per hour and let’s see what happens”/”I can’t promise you nothing” will result in immediate end of our contacts.
  • Reading this page


  • Professional music skills
  • Past experience in music marketing
  • Professional skills involved in one or more of our markets (game development, movie making, music education…)


  • Passion for music and art
  • Evolved teamwork capabilities
    We’ll work remotely and with heavy use of project management softwares (most used ones: Trello, Podio, Slack, Google Drive and Docs).


  • Professional skills involving one or more of our markets (video production, game development, movie making etc…)
  • Professional music skills
  • Being near one of our market capitals, or capability of reaching them with ease
    >San Francisco
    >Los Angeles
    >New York

Quick revenue stream list and competitor comparison

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Some demonstrations from our portfolio

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Our goal

Put back real artists in music and audio production industry, and enjoy (and not exploit) their extremely high productivity standards: a -real- artist can produce up to literally 10 times more than the usual “artists” who can be found in the modern market. You’ll find some numbers about this below.

Our customers love our extremely competitive offer coupled with very high artistic quality, and we like to make art: win-win.

Some very important information about us

LmK Music Production isn’t just a way to make money: it is want we want to do in our life.
We all come from past, efficient careers from which we weren’t satisfied. You know, the typical “yeah, it sucks. But hey: money!”.
Do we want to live our lives like this? Hell no. We want to make something beautiful with our lifes.

This intro alone can tell you a lot about us: our productivity level, our approach towards other “competitors”, our goals.

As you can see from our website, our offer is pretty awesome: high quality, low costs, fast delivery time. Anyone can say that, but very few have a portfolio like ours to show that it is true. And I never met someone who built up that portfolio with less than 5000€ of gear and 3 operators (industry standards for that portfolio require at least 100.000€ of gear and non less than 6 operators). “Modern” audio production is stuck in the ’50s, and we’re artists, not archeologists: we employ all the latest technologies and develop new, custom instruments for our needs.

For strange it may sound, there is no trick behind this. In fact, that’s quite easy …for us: this is what we like to do, and we sincerely and truly hone our skills any single one of our days. While many, many other “colleagues” spent their time in photo sets or just waiting for someone to try to feed their huge, cumbersome ego.

I wanted you to know this because we can’t afford to work with who doesn’t share this passion: it would greatly affect our production levels, ruining both our projects and our customer’s ones.

You may be funny, big hearted, whatever… If you don’t really like music, sound design, movies, video games, art, or just sincerely enjoy his work and not just the payments we’re not what you’re looking for.

I don’t want to scare you.
In fact, if you share our vision, you’ll be extremely happy to read this.

Did you like what you read?
Of course you do,

As you probably noticed, this form is devoid of “link” or “website” section: it’s on purpose. We’ll let your actions (Google) do the first talk.

LmK Music Production: high quality, cost effective audio solutions.