As musicians and sound engineers, we create music and sounds: we think that there is no better way to show you our talent other than …let you listen what we do.
That’s the mindset behind our “portfolio policy” (click here to read the full strategy behind our portfolio).

We created that pop-up because there are 2 extremely common practices that are not compatible with how we structured it:

  1. Using third part works to build a personal portfolio
    A third part work is the sum of tens, if not hundred, people’s: it is impossible to understand where the artist’s actual skills begins and ends.
    If artist X makes a portfolio in which showcases his work with brand Y, it’s not a proof of what he can do: it’s a proof of what he did under direction of brand Y during production Z.
    On a purely rational standpoint, it might be more of a case study for brand Y rather than artist X (same reason because productions exists: to create something thanks to teamwork – not solitary heroes)

    We choose to cut out this drawback by creating a custom portfolio, entirely made in LmK Music Production.
    I mention “actual” because, as you surely know, careers can be easily pushed forward thanks to skills that have nothing to do with art production – marketing, for example.

  2. Using portfolios as resume/credits section
    The infamous “I worked with”.
    It’s a clear statement about the artist’s networking skills, but not a realistic one about his craftsmanship: as you surely know, it’s perfectly possible to push a career forward thanks to a spot-on marketing effort and near zero artistic skills (with, for example, use of ghostwriters).

If you visit our portfolio thinking to encounter a credits section, you might be misled into thinking about some really unprofessional practices (freeboting and similar). Which is the polar opposite of our intent: we want you to see firsthand what we can do for you.

If you are looking for some of our past customers to be sure about our under stress performances, we offer you what we thing amongst the best ways to prove it: a custom, free and without commitment demonstration. And you can see it from all over our website: from our home page to each service page.

I hope you’ll appreciate our effort.

-CEO & Art director