We transform your ideas in music and sounds, and use them to create a soundtrack for your videos

Together with some other interesting perks like demonstration free and without commitment,
and virtual project management to keep track of your projects from your smartphone too…(click here to know more about it)

We think that the best way to show you our value, is to show you what we can do:
these are our favorite works

The fashion movie has been produced for Kinedimorae, Milano.

The orchestral track is a live orchestral production for Orchestra sinfonica di Sassari.

These, our favorite demonstrations

We stripped the original clips of their former soundtrack and created a new one to show you our audio direction skills in a well determined environment (you can make a comparison).


Our version


Our version

Were they to your liking?
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LmK Music Production is a music and audio production company
founded and composed by musicians and sound engineers

During our past live audio production careers, we met many beautifully talented artists: musicians, singers, sound engineers…
Now, we reunited them back to create studio works under the name of LmK Music Production. An audio production company in which we put all the experiences made during our live audio production careers – both the good and bad ones.
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We’ve come a long way to get here

We’ve met during our past live audio production career, in which we probably worked with some of your favorite music acts (having worked from Riccardo Cocciante to Nine Inch Nails, we’re pretty sure about that).

We decided to merge our knowledge, fix every problem we encountered in the past and create the ideal audio production company in which to work in: LmK Music Production.

The slideshow photos are all from past works of us.

We create music directly on your mute footage, according to your requests

Single frame synchronization, and flawless narration coherence.

We’ll use music to reach were images couldn’t.

We create sound effects directly on your mute footage

From birds in the country to rocket salvos.

Designed specifically for your scene.

We offer a free demonstration

What better way to show you that you’ve made the right choice?

Complete control over your production, even from your smartphone

If you’d like to, we’ll create a private dashboard from which you can follow your project’s progresses.

No need for continuous e-Mails or phone calls: all the info you may need, available 24/24 7/7, automatically uploaded.

100% online usable services

Remote operationality is one of our foremost priorities: we’ll make you feel like always having your personal studio with you.

You’ll only need an Internet connection and some english proficiency (we might think about adding more languages, in the future).

Drastically enhanced production efficiency

Efficient workflows doesn’t only mean high artistic standards: like every good working engine, we work faster and with less consumption.

Feel free to ask for more.

From Metal to orchestral music

Music is beautiful, in all its forms: we learned many, and we’re happy to share this with you.

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