We always create the right music for your requests.

LmK Music Production is a perfect creative partner for music supervisors: 

an audio production who creates
exactly the music you ask for.

You just need to ask.

Our offer for music supervisors has been thought with in mind the main needs for a music supervisor

  • To find the right music for your briefing
  • To do so within the right budget
  • To do so within the least possible time

And that’s exactly what we’ve achieved: starting from your briefing, we will create exactly the music you’re looking for – without need of browsing libraries or endless back and forth with your customer.

We do so through both artistic and project management innovations – and we’re mostly happy to let you try it firsthand: contact us to speak about what you dream to improve in your workflow. We can also offer you a free demonstration, if you like.

Free demonstration

We don’t just promise: would you like to test our fine skills in first person? Feel free to ask for a free demonstration.

Outcome certainty

We approach our artistic productions with scientific precision, leaving no room for error – and plenty for creativity: check out the brands who already entrusted us for their sound.

High speed delivery time

Once received your music request briefing, containing the features of the music you’re looking for, it will be only a matter of creating the track – task in which we’re masters: due to both our ability as musicians and account managers, you’ll receive your track in a matter of days. Or even less (depending on which work we’ll be talking about).

Completely bespoke productions – from price to music genre

A completely bespoke experience for your requests: from music to price and delivery time, everything is tailored to your needs.

We create your new music before, during or after the video editing: your choice.

Top industry artistic quality

The highest artistic quality obtainable with modern technology – check it out for yourself: the soundtracks you see on this page have been entirely made in LmK Music Production.

Online reviewing system

We offer your the possibility of controlling your audio production on remote, through our custom online project management system: you’ll be able to evaluate progresses and provide further guidance with even just your smartphone.

Our services

Music production

We create the music you’re looking for – from composition to mastering.

Sound design

Musical based sound design, or soundtrack oriented sound effects creation (foley included).

Voice over production

Multilingual voice over production – casting, direction, recording.

Audio direction

Combining our ability as musicians and multimedial artists, we’ll suggest you the best ways to implement music in your project.

Who and where are we

LmK Music Production is an European, but worldwide operating, audio production, specialized in bespoke and high tier music, sound effects and voice overs production.

We are composed by live and studio music industry professionals, brought together by the desire of immediately put to service all the innovations and ideas gained through their past careers.

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Our headquarters:

(United Kingdom)

Sardegna (Italia)

How can we help you?


Our rep. for bespoke audio productions

Federico Romeo Zambelli


Federico is our customer and international relationships manager: he helps our customers, especially international ones, to communicate with our artists.