Are you a Dj producer?

LmK Music Production has many services useful for a Dj Producer.

Both in purely technical and artistic field.

Need help to finish one of your tracks?

Or you’re looking for a brand new track for your next shows?

LmK Music Production can provide you both.

We can give you complete market ready music

  • Composition
  • Recording
  • Postproduction, mixing and mastering

Or even a selection of these aspects.

Music/Remix composition

Advertising for your shows

Sounds, voices and music for your advertising

Advertising music with LmK Music Production

Are you planning a trailer for your next disk or show?

LmK Music Production will take care of any audio feature of your advertising.

  • Music
  • Sound Effects (SFX)
  • Voiceovers

Or even a selection of these aspects.

Ever wanted to send your whole DAW session and just say “get it done”? Whatever tasks it will require?

Now you can, with LmK Music Production’s DAW session service.

DAW Session editing

We’ll take care of your DAW session

DAW Editing with LmK Music Production

Audio post production

Your sound’s aesthetic clinic

Audio post production with LmK Music Production

Mixing and mastering

Your tracks become market ready

LmK Music Production mixing and mastering service

We can work on your audio tracks

  • Audio post production
  • Mixing and mastering

Our online services offer the same quality of our services with premium prices and even faster delivery time, due to the fully and minimal online interaction.

  • Online mixing and mastering
  • Online DAW sound design
  • Online DAW mixing and mastering
  • Online sound design
  • Online audio track editing
  • Online MIDI humanization/refinition

Online services (online mixing and mastering, online sound design and much more…)

Your tracks become market ready

LmK Music Production Online services