Music and sounds created around your communication

We specialize in bespoke audio production,
to always give you the right sound to your projects.

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Created from scratch around all of your needs.

Multilingual voice over

Casting, direction and recording of voice artists.

Audio direction

We help you choose the best sound for your briefing

Outcome certainty

We approach our artistic productions with scientific precision, leaving no room for error – and plenty for creativity: check out the brands who already entrusted us with their sound.

Completely bespoke productions

A completely bespoke experience for your productions: from music to price and delivery time, everything is tailored to your needs.

We create your new music before, during or after your video editing: your choice.

Full audio production

Audio direction, music composition, sound effects, voice overs: everything you need for your soundtrack.

Top industry artistic quality

The highest artistic quality obtainable with modern technology – check it out for yourself: the soundtracks you see on this page have been entirely made in LmK Music Production.

Audio direction service

Not sure about what kind of sound you need? We can help: our audio direction service is meant to help you find a perfect fit for your video’s soundtrack.

Free demonstration

Would you like to test our skills in first person? Feel free to ask for a free demonstration.

Online reviewing system

We offer your the possibility of controlling your audio production on remote, through our custom online project management system: you’ll be able to evaluate progresses and provide further guidance with even just your smartphone.

How we always create the right music for your project

Precise briefing

We are very expert at understanding your needs: we know what questions to ask, and how to ask them.

A good brief is the foundation of a successful project.

Great communication

Our artists will be a natural extension of your creativity – even if you’re not a trained musician: your ideas are all that matters.

Great artistic skills

When a precise brief meets an effective customer-production communication, it’s only a matter of bringing the ideas into reality – task for which we trained to a point who can be clearly heard in our portfolio or our success stories.

Don’t just take our words for it: try it

LmK Music Production free demonstrations

We think that the best way to validate a new business collaboration, from both ends, is to set up a free demonstration.

Every free demonstration request is vetted, so to be sure of being a right fit for our production.
Nothing exceptional. Simple questions such as

  • Is it a customer we’d like to work for?
  • Is the customer able to afford our work?
  • Is it a production likely to be brought to its completion?

And, of course: you’ll be welcomed to offer your point of view about it. It’s just a negotiation, after all.

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Who we are and what we do

LmK Music Production specializes in combining the creation of great acoustic art (music, sound effects, voice overs) with a great customer experience.

We are composed by instrumentalists, sound designers, composers and all the business professionals required to ensure a great production experience for you.

We met during our past careers in live audio production, and decided to create a new audio production for studio works to integrate all of our new ideas about it …but that’s a story for another time.
For now: let’s meet, and discuss about how can we can create art together.

Some perks for you

Single frame synchronization, and flawless narration coherence.

We’ll use music to reach what images couldn’t.

If you’d like to, we’ll create a private dashboard from which you can follow your project’s progresses.

No need for continuous e-Mails or phone calls: all the info you may need, available 24/24 7/7, automatically uploaded.

Music is beautiful, in all its forms: we learned many, and we’re happy to share this with you.

From birds in the country to rocket salvos.

Designed specifically for your scene.

Remote operationality is one of our foremost priorities: we’ll make you feel like always having your personal studio with you.

You’ll only need an Internet connection and some english proficiency (we might think about adding more languages, in the future).

An efficient workflow doesn’t only mean high artistic standards: like every well working engine, we work faster and with less consumption.

Feel free to ask for more.

How we work


We receive your requirements, and we share with you our artistic ideas to meet them.


We craft a free demonstration to let you hear what we can do for you. If you like it, we proceed with a clear & easy contract to officialize our collaboration.


All of our collaboration’s features are put on paper. From delivery time to artistic features.

Production with online reviewing

We will proceed in creating your new music – a process of which you will have daily overview and control through our online dashboard.

We structured our workflow to maximize two aspects: artistic quality and customer experience.

As artists, we’re happy when we deliver the best we can do: art.
Our workflow is intended to give us the most powerful tools to do so.

As service providers, we’re happy when you are.
Our workflow is intended to give you complete assurance that your requirements are met, and a comfortable way to communicate with us.

Contact us

Our rep. for advertising scoring ang sound design:

Federico Romeo Zambelli


Federico is our customer and international relationships manager: he helps our customer, especially international ones, to communicate with our artists.

(United Kingdom)

Sardegna (Italia)