Audio branding, sonic branding or sound branding?

The difference

Not much, really: audio branding, sonic branding or sound branding are just about the same thing. They refer to the practice of using sounds to convey branding values.

Getting very specific, audio branding is probably the most accurate one.

Why is audio branding the most accurate one

Sound branding” is too specific on sounds, when the work can contain music and voices too. And music is not a sound: is the ordinate use of sounds to create a work of art (as opposed to, for instance, an inordinate use of them – which is: noise!).

Sonic branding” is a bit too cold: it’s mostly used referring to physical phenomena (e.g. Sonic boom) rather than arts.

Audio branding“, instead, is a good medium: “audio” fits well to define artistic projects, and involved everything that can be used for branding (music, voices, sounds…).

So, there we go: audio branding is the best definition.

…hoping the market won’t do tricks about it

As you might very well know, title jacking is a real problem: people twist titles, or names in general, for their personal agendas. So, even though this term is the best one, you’ll never be sure another one will be used in the incoming years.

But, since we’re quite scientific people, this is the one we’re going to use. Ha! And we suggest you to do the same.

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